Comfort, style and a glorious view ...

Blending in with the surrounding bush, was the main focus of 18 thatch roofed rooms, set along the edge of the park, while spacious comfort was another.

Equipped with ensuite bathroom/ toilet, telephone, coffee making facilities, bar fridge and open terrace, the rooms provide just that.

Adorned with individual wall paintings of the renowned local artist "Von Aschenborn", and laid out with carpets, woven from ...



P.O.Box 5955
Windhoek / Namibia
Phone: (+ 264 61) 234607
Phone: (+ 264 61) 257175
Fax (+ 264 61) 234690
  A king and his kingdom in a world of excitement, adventure and spirit ...

Gently rolling plains and bush land savannah extend towards the horizon. The land afoot the Otjihavera mountains is home to a large variety of birds and mammals. Herds of antelope roam the bush, the hooves of Zebra and Giraffe pound the soil, rhinoceroses hide ...

How to find us:


Co-ordinates (helicopter hangar)
S 22 18 11,2
E 17 03 47,8

Landing strip (sand/gravel, 1100 m):
parallel to the railway line



Ai Aiba Lodge

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