Park Restaurant

... separated from the Hyeana Lounge by a water- & rock cascade, the Park Restaurant offers a variety of specialties; unusual local game dishes, creative starters and naughty desserts - all prepared with the particular touch of the settlers' cooking philosophy, and as such, according to recipes handed down from generation to generation.

The cozy, candle-lit athmosphere is enhanced by the open fire place and the dreamlike view of antelope peacefully grazing ....

The Hyena Lounge and Bar

... carved from the wood of the Camel thron tree and located along the edge of a huge thatch roof dome, the Hyena Bar offers a noble range of ancient sherries, divine brandies and selected wines.

It is pleasure pure, to sit and watch the bush rising towards the mountains, while enjoying a favourite drink - to get together prior to a meal, or afterwards, or simply to relax and enjoy the scenerey at any time.

The Wine Cellar

Hidden among the formations of the "Lion's rock" lies Okapuka Ranch's "Wine Cellar" ...

True to the spirit of the ancient monks and forefathers of wine making, this cellar's architecture features the finest details, reflecting long time forgotten syles and philosophies, combined however, in today's interest, with modern, "state of the art" controlling systems...

  • Not only for those, who adore "wine in their prayers" ...

    A selection for everyone - from top estate blends and single cultivars to excellent table wines - to complement a meal, or to be enjoyed on its' own, with a "good story to tell" - from fresh, crisp, young wines to elegant, velvety-soft and powerful characters, from modern styles to old world aristocracy - honoring what has been, as well as what is still to come.

    A cradle for "wine lovers" .... - but this is a story to be told some other time ...
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